Hybrid Model- The demand of IT Sector

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2 min readFeb 26, 2022


As per the ‘Return To Office’ study, nearly 65% of IT/ITeS players surveyed in the city want 100% of their employees to return to work, but in a hybrid model, with only 15% of companies keen on having all of their employees return to work from home on all working days.

After working for almost a year from home, companies recently announced to go back to the office routine, especially in the places where the cases have seen a decline for consecutive months.

WFH brought in its own set of challenges in Work-life balance and since it was a sudden move, many employees didn’t know how to manage this effectively. Now, companies gradually reopening offices have their own added advantages such as- Productivity is anytime better in work from office scenario as all employees are in the right frame of working.

On the other hand, we can say the ‘Office’ is not just a place where we come to work. It is a melting pot-of people, ideas, and conversations. The coming together of people with diverse skills and experiences is what makes an office more than just a place of work.

So, what is the best option, going forward?

What is your preference as an individual?

What is best for your organisation? What are the related financial implications for a business?

So many questions .. Right ?

Like everything in life, all options have their pros and cons.action are critical factors, with brainstorming leading to higher productivity, innovation, and creativity. WFO encourages teamwork, building up collective energy thereby helping create a corporate culture.

Lets sum them up for you the benefits of both worlds.

For a lot of IT companies, a way forward is to have half of its employees in office space, and half at home. This epitomizes the Hybrid Model. This model offers the best of both worlds.

What is your say on this ?

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