Lunge Climate AI Platform — Deploying Evidence-driven Actionable Wisdom

For last couple of years, I along with a few other awesome people have been developing a pathbreaking way to use technology to enable organizations and people to take control of their work and lives. Even though the task is far from over, we have decided to put our technology to test by launching a software solution to plan, monitor and analyze one’s climate change actions and improve the outcome using AI-suggested recommendations.

Introducing Lunge Climate AI platform.

What it is?

The objective of Lunge’s Climate AI platform is to shift gears and make a leap from debate on “determining the best-way forward” to using technology to identify the “individually optimized courses of action”. Lunge Systems has developed a codification and quantification framework that uses NLP to extract actionable wisdom from policy or strategy papers, research reports or any document. Lunge software allows policymakers, regulators, executives or managers to implement this who-should-do-what-why-and-how wisdom through an easy-to-use interface (suggested actions appear on respective stakeholders’ calendars and they can perform outcomes analytics). Lunge framework generates Evidence-driven AI in real-time, offering the benefit of course-correction during the implementation of any plan or strategy rather than performing ex-post impact evaluation.

What can it do?

What sets Lunge Systems’ Climate AI platform apart is the analytical database of cause-and-effect linkages and granular tracking of millions of indicators. This enables Lunge’s clients to not only identify the non-trivial trade-offs (e.g rise in consumption carbon footprint of immigrants moving from low-income countries to high income countries or environmental cost of pet ownership) but also find out the optimal pathways to achieve the targets in different (often competing) priority areas. Lunge technology uses detailed comparative analytics and behavioural intelligence to guide users/ clients towards those optimal pathways.

How that helps?

Relying on the Lunge Climate AI platform for solving the climate change crisis has many crucial benefits. The technology allows for the possibility that the experts might not have all the answers. Using actual real-world actions-outcomes data, the AI algorithms and models figure out what works best for achieving a given target for a particular government, company or individual. The second benefit is that the recommendations are impartial and are not corrupted by the political agendas or ideological biases. The third benefit is the coordination of efforts based on impact on the climate targets. Everyone moves in the same direction and all the negative externalities/ spillovers (e.g. people doing more online shopping saves gas but increases the packaging wastes) are anticipated and minimized by the technology.

How to test it?

Since our technology is data-driven, we have already developed several use-cases/ solutions using relevant information/ wisdom sources (ranging from official UN documents to research initiatives like project Drawdown to ISO standards to policy papers). Please send an email to to learn more or set up a demo.

1. For Governments:

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Intelligence

Policy Plan Implementation Advisor

City Climate Action Monitor

2. For Corporations:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Management

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Reporting

3. Any organization:

Climate Change Action and Impact

4. Civic Society:

Conscious Consumers

Organized Action




We are a technology startup enabling people to take control of their lives. We help organization increase their efficiencies through AI-driven optimization.

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Lunge Systems

Lunge Systems

We are a technology startup enabling people to take control of their lives. We help organization increase their efficiencies through AI-driven optimization.

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