Practice Transparent Leadership

How Do You Cultivate Transparency?

Here’s what it takes to be a transparent leader:

1. Be Honest

Being honest is easy when there is good news to share. A transparent leader values honesty above everything else. He practices compassion and empathy to soften the often hurtful truth, but never, ever hides the truth from its people, no matter how hard it is to deliver. As a leader, aspire to be honest in all cases.

2. Be Open And Accessible

Being a leader is hard, as it often involves a lot of criticism. Transparency means you open yourself up to criticism, making yourself vulnerable in favor of the needs of the people you serve.

3. Ask Questions And Show Interest

The manager of the past was he who knew the most answers. The leaders of the future, are those who ask the most powerful questions.

4. Confront Difficult Situations

Most people avoid conflict more than anything else. Whenever there is the slightest risk of angering your superior or looking uninformed, most people will keep quiet or say they agree, even though they disagree wholeheartedly.

5. Provide Access To Information

The benefits of making information available far outweigh the risks, even though there are indeed risks to take into consideration before deciding whether information should be made readily available or not. The more information you have, the better decisions you are able to make. Being able to make better decisions, on the other hand, leads to less stress.

6. Involve People In Decision-Making

The last critical step to building a transparent organization is also one of the most difficult. The question of whether to involve people in decision making or not.



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