The AUTOFOCUS System -Consistent Use of a Master To-do list

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2 min readSep 30, 2022


“The Autofocus system … encourages a “little and often” approach and an intuitive sifting of possible actions, it is an ideal system for riding the crest of a wave — and also for spotting likely waves as they approach!” — Mark Forster

The Autofocus Time Management System was launched in early 2009. The one who created this task management system is Mark Forster, born on 24 November 1943- a British business coach specialized in time management and personal organization.

Autofocus is a system that proposes the use of a single master To-do list. Organizing and processing the list is done in such a way that the right tasks will be done at the right time. Very important, and we emphasize this basic element of the system, everything will be done without prioritizing tasks according to their importance.

Autofocus is to Master List of four types of tasks:

New — tasks entering the system for the first time.

Recurring — tasks which are done regularly (this may be several times a day, once a day, or less).

Unfinished — tasks on which more work is needed.

Old — tasks which are not new and which have not yet been worked on.

The workflow of Autofocus

The following are the steps to follow when working with Autofocus:

Benefits of using AutofocusTime Management System

Intuitive and easy to use, the Autofocus Task Management System offers outstanding benefits in terms of personal productivity.

  • It is simple to implement and offers immediately visible results
  • Very effective in avoiding procrastination
  • It gives us additional motivation by constantly seeing what we have already achieved
  • Eliminates the stress from the planning process
  • Increasing the speed of performing routine activities



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